Sunday, March 26, 2006


Hardly a Brain Surgeon

I post in English on Sundays. --------- Postaan sunnuntaisin englanniksi.

I needed to read on psycholinguistics for a project I’m working on. Diligently, efficiently even, I carried on, making notes, recording facts, probably looking like a professional. Hmmm... neurophysiological functioning of the brain, visual input and auditory input, speech output and writing output... Then I remembered an old joke and completely lost all of my professionalism. I burst out laughing and then I just laughed my head off!


Hearing so many people speaking ill about his intelligence level, George W. Bush decided to get his brain checked. The physician’s diagnosis was:

- Mr. President, you have two brains, the left and the right, like all
normal people. But the problem is: in your left brain, there is nothing
right and in your right brain, there is nothing left!


I'm very much afraid that't the case with me, too.


I think you have just described George Bush.
And so many others, eh? Ha ha ha ha haaa
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