Sunday, March 05, 2006


From Outer Space, Anyone?


It's great to have comments from all over the world. I've had recent visitors from Sweden and Australia, and I'm hoping for one from Canada today. But boy, will I fall off my chair if there's ever a visit from outer space.

Someone living in Australia just popped in my comments box yesterday, someone whose native language is Indonesian. Years ago I had a friend here in Finland, an Englishwoman, who left Finland for 6 months in order to see the world. She ended up in Indonesia where she had a romance with a guy whose job was to dive for pearls. It's the truth. I'm not pulling your leg. I swear! Well, She came back to Finland, but wasn't happy anymore with her old life, so one Boxing Day, some friends of hers, yours truly included, found ourselves at the airport saying goodbye to her. Off she went, to Indonesia, met a guy, got married, has three sons, teaches English... Can you hear me, Carolyn? We miss you. We miss all the others, too. All of our friends out there, wherever you are. But I have a feeling there are new acquaintances around the corner. Anyone from outer space? Do you speak English? (They all do in movies, you know.)


That sorta thing is true. You could just have a afeel for a "place", city, country, wherever and thought "yea, this is it" ... as for me, I am yet to find mine it's well possibly somewhere in France or Italia - chissà !. Australia is nice too (però si manca qualcosa, senti ci sei mai stata tu?) Dovè sarebbe il tuo "posto", in Finlandia?

«They all do in movies, you know.)»
LOL sure do, and more often than not, with North American accent. What school did they go to ...

Finalmente scusami, non vengo del Canada. In bocca al lupo.


Now, you got visitor from an Indonesia who lives in Italy and married to a Dutch.
I am friend ( virtually) of Macchiato from down under.

Buona Domenica!
Buona domenica a voi due! Se ho capito bene, g è un indonesiano che vive down under e Tari una indonesiana che vive vicino a Bologna. Macchiato è un maschio, no? E presto viaggerà a Perugia.

If you look at my sidelinks, there one blog in Italian called Ruggi. That's someone who lives in a town called Turku in Finland. E un italiano che vive in Finlandia, ma scrive in italiano. Accomodatevi! Prego!
I usually leave more comments on your blog during the week. But I just got back from the Planet Saturn.

A lover that dives for pearls who else would you leave your own country for?

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Certo. Ho scegliato un pseudo, macchiato, per il mio blog, sicuramente abito in downunder.

era difficile trovare un appartamento a Perugia a giugno/ guglio, secondo te? so bene che è una città di studenti. e poi non parlo bene italiano, (per questo ci vado) ...

io e la signora noi tutti e due veniamo dell'indonesia.

allora, quali lingue parli tu? direi di ne parli troppo :)
anche è la prima volta che leggo un


Mystic hi

How was Saturn? I hear it's lovely this time of year. Yes, truth is stranger than friction. Or perhaps it's just a pigment of our imagination.

Ciao Macchiato

Senti, io a Perugia, appena arrivata, in giugno, sono andata all'università, e subito, una signora mi ha chiesto se volevo una camera a casa sua. Ci siamo andate, affare fatto! La prima notte avevo dormito in un albergo.

Le lingue che parlo? Finlandese, inglese, italiano, svedese, francese, tedesco, spagnolo, un po' di persiano. Hai ragione, sono troppe! :)
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