Sunday, February 26, 2006


What’s that noise?

I post in English on Sundays. / Postaan sunnuntaisin englanniksi.

We visited some friends and admired their paintings.

Yeah, And then there was this painting ... er ... how can I explain it? One could switch a light on, so the picture was lit. Moreover, one could turn the sound on. We could actually listen to the waterfalls ... er ... fall. Maybe there were birds singing. Fortunately the picture didn’t move. I honestly think that would have bee more than I could bear.

What great silence when we turned the painting off.!

Reminds me of an old joke. There’s this man who keeps hitting himself over the head with a hammer. People ask him why. He says: ‘cause it feels so good when I stop.”


Your description is so figurative!
And that joke..I couldn´t harly keep from laughing!!!
(Pyydän, että korjaat heti, jos teen kirjoitus-tai muita virheitä, jookos!) :)
No voinhan korjata. Menköön nyt kun teen sunnuntaisin muutenkin töitä nettikurssin ja huomisen tuntienvalmistuksen kanssa.

Sana hardly eli tuskin toimii englannissa ilman kieltosanaa; I can hardly believe it. Ihan kuten suomessakin: Voin tuskin uskoa, eikä en voi tuskin uskoa. Poikkeuksena mainittakoon John Wayne jossain leffassa: "Not hardly". John käytteli muutenkin kaksoiskieltoja; I don't know nothing. Kuuluu olla: I don't know anything.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think thats fantastic. I love that type of stuff. I would have liked it better if it had been that irridescent colours on black velvet.

I have one of those cheap $5 busts of Elvis on top of my Piano. It is surrounded by Copies of Dutch masters that Mrs, Mystic has reproduced.

America is full of this sort of stuff. I think the best I have ever seen is when I entered an East Indian shop.

They had a picture with lights that simulated a waterfall and the Gold mountains where standing proud of the canvas almost like a sculpture.
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