Sunday, February 12, 2006


Visiting Iranian friends

We visited our Iranian friends. What a great shambe (Saturday) it was! The mother of the family had made Iranian nun (bread) for us to taste, and together with the youngest dokhtar (daughter) she had cooked a delicious meal. Berenj (rice) with a bit of saffron, broccoli, kebab, salad and dried zereshk, which tasted like red currants.

All through the afternoon we kept on laughing, talking, eating dried soy beans, dried sunflower seeds, drinking chai (tea), ghahve (coffee), biscuitha (biscuits), playing a tombak (drum) and watching a family wedding video - it was incredible waching the ceremonies from last summer in Iran, and seeing several people we know, over there, in that faraway country.

Our Iranian friends wouldn’t be our friends had I not walked into the small Oriental shop in Helsinki were they worked last March and asked one of the daughters where they came from. She said Iran, I said Farsi baladi? (You speak Persian?) and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I already knew some words and phrases in Persian. and now that the opportunity presented itself, I bought a ketab-e Farsi (a book) with two cd’s, a grammar book and a phrase book. It is really great studying a zabun (language) when you can use it with somebody.

What a wonderful feeling to spend time with friends, without a care in the world, speaking Finnish and Farsi, making the funniest mistakes, and laughing our heads off. In the evening We drove home through snow covered landscapes with a full moon in the sky. I feel I have charged my batteries with lots and lots of positive energy.

Iranilaisten ystävieni kanssa ilakoidessani tulin taas ajatelleeksi suomalaisten pitkää raskasta kasvatusperintöä; Itku pitkästä ilosta, ei, älä, ei siitä mitään tule... Ulkomaalaisten ystävieni kanssa en ole sellaiseen koskaan törmännyt. Kirjoittelin Kops blogiin juttua optimismista ja pessimismistä, ja on sain jo pari hyvää kommentaattoriakin keskustelemaan asiasta. Lisää mahtuu. Optimismi


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