Sunday, February 12, 2006


Iranian food

Khub bud! It was good! Kheili merci. Many thanks.

A picture´s worth a thousand words,
thank you for sharing!
I have been in legal hell for some time now and have not visited your blog as often as I would like.

The food looks delicious.
Leonoora, how very true! Vaikka siinä voi käydä ohraisestikin, kuten Tanskan kuvaskandaalissa. Ai pahus, ei kai joku arvele että kebab on poliittinen kannanotto?


I sympathise. I went to visit your blog yesterday, and read what you wrote about the lawyer who is a donkey's behind. Hmm... what a pity he's not on your side, eh? Let's hope your lawyer is good enough - or bad enough.
Thank you for your sentiments Rita. My stepfther was a wonderful man, but he was a pushover. I think the lawyer expected me to be the same.
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