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Mr Mystic wrote a piece on his being an Atheist.

Read the posting from Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I was listening to an Atheist being interviewed on TV. She said very firmly that Jesus never existed. Jesus was not a historical character.

Er... I had always believed he was a real person and it was a historical fact. But we don't KNOW one way or the other, do we? I mean how do I even know that Napoleon existed? I never met him.

That’s what Faith is all about. If you believe, you believe without scientific evidence. Also if you don’t believe, again, you cannot rely on scientific evidence, because there isn’t any. It’s a matter of faith. Amen.


Aamen. Maybe I should start to type my thoughts about God... Main idea is: As soon as we all meet him, He'll probably stare us and says:"You took everything too seriously. The life was ment to be joke." (I don't speculate if He exists or doesn't exists. I'm only speculating what kind He is.)
Rita, I am an Atheist but I don't like to put down other peoples beliefs. Who am I to say that I am right and they're wrong.

But in the case of Jesus. I think what the lady was trying to say is that there is physical evidence to prove that Napoleon existed. Even people that lived before Jesus, Like the pharos. They have found physical remains of many people that existed long before Jesus.

But the greatest figure known to the modern world, Jesus. They can't find one shred of physical evidence.

I think that for those who believe in a higher power, it is probably necessary to have someone that resembles a human to relate to.

I believe in a higher power, I just don't believe that it necessarily has to be aware of itself. It just is. I certainly don't believe that a power that would be great enough to create this universe, is going to fiddle around making rules for us to follow. Or that it would send a son or daughter for that matter, down to our levels to help us when we misbehave.
regarding your lost posts. If you go into your edit posts section, you may find they are still there. Then all you would have to do is republish.
Thank you both for leaving such interesting comments. One of these days I may write something on what I believe, too. Or don't believe. You may notice that I didn't take a stand.

The lost posts are not where the previous ones are. This thing happened to several other posters yesterday; I wasn't the only one. Funny, though, that even the comments I left in comment boxes here and there, far and wide... all gone.

Bytheway, the point I was trying to make with today's posting, was that we cannot be sure of anything that has been written in history books. It could all be orchestrated by the Goverment - hah hah hah.
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