Sunday, January 01, 2006


A New Year

A new year according to the western calendar. Not in China, I think. Certainly not in Iran, where it’s the year 1384 till our March. I have a desk calendar to prove it. A gift from my Iranian friends. In case anyone is wondering about my learning Persian, it began in Italy when I was a student at the Università per stranieri in Perugia and met some Iranians. I thought the language they spoke was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I was fascinated, spellbound - need I say more?

The holidays are over. Business as usual starting tomorrow. This blog will be part of my language training company, Pretty Polly, again (see the sidelink). I will be writing about languages, learning and studying, phonetics, linguistics and so on. Sunday postings in English. My other blog Kops contains articles on psychology, couples therapy, everyday life, bringing up children, communication, customer service etc. in Finnish.

This afternoon, a dinner party with friends. A 13-year old friend of mine is cooking for a bunch of adults. Kudos to him!

5.35 am on January the 1st here in Finland now, not yet a new year in Canada... Happy New Year, Mr and Mrs Mystic, and everyone else out there in the world celebrating the turn of the year, wherever you are!

Why thank you so much we wish you the same.
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