Sunday, January 29, 2006


Andrea Bocelli

I’m listening to my favourite tenor Andrea Bocelli. I remember the first time I saw and heard his Con te partiró (Time to Say Goodbye). It happened unexpectedly in the wrong surroundings, so to speak, because they played the song on a pop music channel, and it stuck out. Too festive, too pompous, too... something.

You all probabaly know that he sings the song with Sarah Brightman and if you remember the video, you will remember that Andrea is sitting on a sofa and looking down, whereas Sarah is standing up. My first reaction was that it was comical when an Italian of all people was singing to a lady without even looking at her. I stopped laughing when I realised he was blind. And that’s when I started listening. I’m still listening, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to his voice. I sometimes remember how blind I was.

When we say “I see” in English, it means I understand. How appropriate.

I saw this, have you seen it?

Glossary of linguistic terms
A thousand thank yous! Lähden sukeltelemaan ja surffailemaan. Ruåtsiksi dyykkailemaan.
Var så god.
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