Thursday, December 29, 2005



La nuit tombe, mais pour la ramasser - personne!” You can translate it into some languges, but whether or not it’s still a joke... well. You may get lucky. I don’t think it has a snowball’s chance in hell if I try it in Finnish. So I won’t. Because in Finnish night doesn’t “fall”, it comes.

I'll try it in English. Here goes nothing: Night falls, but there’s no one there to catch it. (If you didn't laugh, it was just an inadequate translation. If you did, then it was a joke.)

Anyone care to say it in Spanish? Italian? Anyone?

La noche cai, pero no hay nadie para cogerla
hi Rita - thanks for the comment on the group blog I belong too.

And yes, I think the night falls joke works in English!
Why, thank you Caroline! And thank you for coming to see me. I'm going to visit the group blog again, because I love art.

Mr Mystic

Thank you for the Spanish. I don't even care if the joke doesn't work. Spanish makes me feel good. But I do believe that works, actually!
Cade la notte, ma nessuno la raccoglie.

(sarebbe più comune dire: cade l'oscurità)
Ah, sì, si dice: cala la notte.
Ciao Sari

Cala la notte - poetico, no?

Cala la notte, ma non c'è nessuno per raccoglierla.

Siamo spiritose? Si ride? Mi pare che io abbia già riso abbastanza. Pitää varmaan huomiseksi keksiä uusi vitsi. Uffá!
Yö saapui, mutta kukaan ei ollut ottamassa sitä vastaan (koska kaikki olivat jo yöpuulla).
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