Sunday, December 11, 2005



Christmas is rolling around. Here in Finland pigs are shaking in their boots, because most Finns eat ham at Xmas. In the US of A, respectively, turkeys are shaking like aspen leaves. Our Salvation Army is doing a good job encouraging people to donate money, food and clothes for those less fortunate. From the 15th of December onwards we’ll see the money pots here and there, but not Santa Claus standing by them, as we see in American movies. Here it’s the Salvation Army people standing there.

Christmas is many things, a feast for lovers, a family gathering, a religious holiday for some people, a commercial season, a twinkling light in the darkness, but most of all, I think, it’s for children. It’s also a time for over-eating.

I don’t know if it’s just a joke, or if it’s true, but I’ve heard of TURDUCKEN for Christmas dinner. It’s supposed to be a turkey stuffed with a duck, which in turn is stuffed with a chicken - turducken. You know what they say; truth is stranger than fiction. So it could be true.

Helou Kops, Taaltahan sita loytyy mielenkiintoista lukemista. Veri nais tu miit juu.
Helou Milky Way

Sinullakin on mitä intresantein blogi. Nautin eilen niiden eksoottisten sanojen lukemisesta. Palailen varmasti. Nimimerkkisikin miellyttää. Tulee mieleen
kirja Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Is Galaxy the same as the Milky Way, I wonder... Mmmm, nyt tekee mieli suklaata.
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