Sunday, December 04, 2005


Sunday is a Fun Day


Sunday, the first day of the week... or is it the last day of the week? I hear that in some countries the week begins on Saturday. Well, no matter. Here on the Internet we’re no slaves to the calendar. Open at all hours.

Be that as it may, Sunday is a fun day because I work from home today. And it isn’t so much work as it is fun. I teach English online, via email, to a group of Finnish people. It started out as a plan to support self study and slowly but surely it has been developing into something rather promising.

Sunday is also a day when one has time to read other people’s weblog diaries. There are some excellent writers there. Some talk about themselves and their everyday life, others about life in general and the Universe. And then there are those who use their pages to complain about everything. I don’t read that kind of useless moaning, ranting and raving. Maybe it is useful to the people who write it, who knows, but I doubt it. There are enjoyable travel journals there, poetry corners, religious blogs an so on. New weblogs are entered on the lists every day. There are some 4000 weblogs on the Finnish list where my blog is, Google it if you’re interested and not familiar with it.

Kind regards and love to all of my friends and acquaintances, students and relatives around the world. Learn some Finnish so you can read the rest of my weblog.



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