Saturday, December 24, 2005


A Pigture

So far I've only had words on my blog. Here's the first picture. Learning all the time!

Olen piirtänyt oheisen porsaksen jollain tietokone-ohjelmalla hiiren avulla. There's a sentence you don't hear very often: I drew that pig with a mouse.

Pictures are fun! I like the way you bended the word "porsas". Tickled my funny bone.
Lumoavia joulutunnelmia Sinulle ja perheellesi!
Kinkkuista Joulua vaan Sinullekin! :)
Very nice. Stupid me thought it was a dog. I should have known better dogs are not as smart as pigs, and therefore would not be using a computer.
Ladies, I hope you're having a wonderful Xmas, Sari in Italy, Maria and Leonoora in Finland.

Mr Mystic,

You're not stupid. My smart pig likes to dress up as a dog. That's him in disguise. Fooled you, didn't he? You're not stupid. He just outsmarted you, that's all. The flat head is part of the camoulflage. No one can tell he's an egghead.
Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha
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