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Isn’t it funny how sometimes different languages seem to have the same word in them, but then it isn’t exactly the same after all? Take the Spanish word “largo” for example.

I was just listening to Julio Iglesias sing “una noche larga”. Now how can a night be large? Une nuit large? Comment est-ce possible? Miten niin laaja yö? Small, medium and large... Ma dimmi un po’; cos’è una notte larga? Esiste anche una notte stretta?

The Spanish for “long” is "largo". Pitkä tukka = el pelo largo

In Italian largo/stretto = broad/narrow = leveä/kapea ::::::: lungo = long

French large/étroit, étroite = leveä, kapea ::::::: long, longue = long

In English large and big are synonyms. Suomalaiset englannin opiskelijani kallistuvat usein sanaan “laaja”, kun etsivät lähintä vastinetta “musta tuntuu”-periaatteella. En sano etteikö sanan merkitys voisi joskus ollakin laaja, mutta laaja teepaita? Please! A large vocabulary, laaja sanavarasto.

The Spanish and Italian for "big" is "grande".

I hope I got that right. I use 6 - 8 languages every week, so I may get confused. Varaan itselleni oikeuden ja ilon sekoilla vaihtaessani kielestä toiseen ja kolmanteen. Saatoin muistaa väärin ja väistää muurin jossain kohdassa.

Thank you Rita, You are The grande maestra!
A little learning never hurt anybody! (Ei oppi ojaan kaada, varsinkaan minua kovapäistä :) !

Buon Anno Nuovo 2006 and also
Happy New Year!
I guess we would have to trace the word back to the root, inorder to get its original meaning.
Hello Leonoora!

I haven't seen you for a long time. Xmas kept you busy, I suppose. The word maestra doesn't bear the same prestige as the "Finnish" maestro to my mind. It's just a school ma'm. Peruskoulun opettaja. Mutta kiitos kuitenkin. Eipä olla turhan vaatimattomia.


Ave Mysticus!

Latin; largus = ample, abundant

I didn't mind you throwing me out of your blog just now. I don't enjoy games as a rule. I just wanted to hang out with my buddy Mr Mystic, that's all. I'm glad you came to visit me here.
P.o. "Ave Mystice!" Vokatiivi, katsos.
I guess we would have to discuss the word "Throw" because I think you have used it incorrectly.

I would never throw you out of my blog. If anything I was trying to spare your feelings because some of the answers I am about to give in response to the "Game" are going to be very rude.

The last time I did the impersonating bit, I was so convincing, people started to react to the character as if it were really them speakiing.
Olaus Marcus, Olae Marce, morituri te salutant! Caesarin haamut sentään! Olin unohtanut koko vokatiivin. Et tu Brute. Siitähän se olisi pitänyt repäistä. Tosin en tiedä osaako Mysticus latinaa. Hän on kaksikielinen, espanja-englanti. Elämänkertatietoja tulee vähitellen blogikavereista. Mistä löydän sinun blogisi?

Señor Mysticus, mi cielo! No te pongas así. I've been thrown out of better places in my time. It's not like I felt I was banned. I thought it was bloody funny you threw me out. I don't know how you understood that I'm not comfortable around rudeness, but you did. I'm not. So you made the right desicion. Today I teach Spanish to a private student. I had better start preparing. It's always a good thing if the teacher knows a bit more than the student, so I'll hit the books. Adios for now.
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