Friday, December 23, 2005


Another Semester Over

What a great autumn term it was. What with the courses and programmes completed, I can let my hair down and write this blog like a diary for a while, instead of a series of language teaching articles. Four days without real life or online students. I’ll try to cope without any serious withdrawal symptoms.

I’ve made some friends on the Internet - or should I say acquaintances ? Well, I would if I could pronounce it. So let’s call them friends. Some I have met as Rita Maestra, others under my therapist identity Kops. (See the sidebar) I find myself thinking about my friends, and missing those who have closed their blogs for the holidays. With some I have even exchanged photos via email.

I only started blogging at the beginning of November, so I’m still rather new at this. I don’t know yet how to bring pictures to my pages, but I’m sure it’s a very simple procedure. No matter, because I prefer painting with words, although I would like to show up some of my pig drawings at some point. Oink oink.

Here’s to new beginnings! Here’s to fresh starts! Like the song says: Never as good as the first time...

Merry Christmas Kuusenkerkkä, Keksi, Sumea. Leonoora, Antti, Maurelita, Maria, Flying Finn, Mr Mystic and the gang, Titta, Ikkunaiines, Telemakhos, Mark Anthony, all you bloggers out there...

and my friends and students and co-workers and my deputy Eila and rellies and animal friends here and there and all over the world...

and imaginary friends.............. but most of all my husband and best friend Ray.

Kisses all around!

Great now I have another therapist reading my blog. I am either coming out of this with an incredible amount of self esteem, or totally paranoid.
Hah hah, I'm not that kind of a therapist. I give advice to people on how to be happy, how to achieve better communication skills, how to avoid burn out in the work place and so on and so forth. Of course, in your case I may make an exception and treat you for your... hmmm... mystical conditions.

Seriously, though, don't you ever sleep? I got up at 4 am, it's now 8.28 am. If you're 6 hours behind in Canada, shouldn't you be sleeping? Or are you sleepwalking?
When I was a little brat I had two imaginary friends... but they only played with each other and so I was a bit lonely.

Feliz navidad para ti tb!
Gracias por tu visita, Antonio. Buen viaje. Toivottavasti on hyvät ilmat eli buenos aires hah hah.

Sain eilen espanjan yksityisoppilaan. En tiedä kumpi meistä on innokkaampi.

Good one, that imaginary friends crack!
Jouluiloa Sinulle toivottelee Kuusenkerkkä!
Happy Christmas to you, Rita.
We are artists and have weird hours. But we are usually up at 6:30am. I go to bed at different times. I also sleep at different times of the day. But to answer your question we do not have a typical sleep patern.
Artists! That makes sense. Accounts for your creativity, how you write your blog.
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