Sunday, November 27, 2005


What’s the time?


You don’t have to ask what time it is on the Internet. The time is always NOW. You log in - you read what is written and write what you write. You exchange ideas and thoughts with others all over the world. There are no limits, no boundaries to cross, a passport isn't necessary, you don’t have to worry about waking somebody up or not reaching them because they’re out of the office.

I received an email from my friend Cathy who was just starting a new working week in the Emirates. It starts on Saturday. My friend Jocelyn is either in Argentine or in the UK, but her email address remains the same. My friend Belinda is in China. I don’t know what year it is in China, but I don’t think they have the same calendar as we do. In Iran this is the year 1384. Isn’t TIME fascinating? Some of it is man-made, like how we divide the day into hours and minutes, and what the months are. Nature gives us the four seasons. Man is not in charge there. Neither does the sun rise or set because the calendar says so.

Of all the wonderful months September is my favourite (in the western calendar, that is). It’s such an intoxicating time in my life that for many years now, I’ve decided to have a 35-day September. On the 35th of September I usually say to myself: This was a great month, but October is great, too. Let October begin. And who cares what you call it? The colours, man! The colours of autumn! By the time November begins I enjoy the thought of the gothic atmoshpere of early mornings and dark evenings when you can see the leafless tree branches against the moonlit sky and you can hear the wolves in the distance...


Hi RitaMaestra!!!!

I think that your point is very interesting.

At now time doesn´t matter, why? because as you said internet time is now, and we don't have to care about where is everybody, because you know the next time that you see your mail, blog comments, etc.
there will be a great message for you.

I think that was a very deeply thought.

I like it so much November & December are the greatest months.

Best regards & happy holidays.

I loved your comment. Thanks for visiting. I think I'll write in English on Sundays from now on. Mostly this blog is for my students to read, students of other languages besides English as well, so I've chosen to write in Finnish.

I'm very glad you had kept my weblog address. I have kept yours.

Adios for now, Alcon!
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